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Blueprints, Technical Drawing & Scanning Services

Architectural Plan Printing

As a full service architectural and engineering print provider, we have the flexibility to work your way.

At our Old Town Location we provide high speed plotting, color plotting, large-format scanning (black or color), specification manual printing, and construction site signage. We have graphic designers on staff who can assist you with other needs your business may have, such as business cards, brochures or presentation materials.

If you prefer to print in-house we sell plotters, roll paper, inks and toner. Many supplies are kept in stock and are available for immediate pick up, but please give us a call to inquire about the specific item you need. If a job is too large for you to handle on your own, our print and plan room services may just the thing to supplement your own capability.

From outsourced plan printing to paper and plotters, we do it all! 

Our Printing Capabilities – Blueprints and Technical Drawings
Volume Printing

We produce everything from specification books to construction documents when you need it, and at a highly competitive rate. Our high speed digital printing equipment will produce your job quickly and accurately. We even print your specification books on demand.

When it comes to marketing and promotional materials, we can produce beatiful full-bleed prints that will stand out.

Our Printing Capabilities – Volume Printing
Bindery Services
Scanning – Blueprint and Technical Drawings

We offer a full range of large format and small format scanning services, in both color and black & white. Our scanners can accomodate virtually any type of job. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Legal Scanning

While your office copier may work fine for day-to-day pleadings and briefs, copying a box full of discovery documents can tie up staff and slow your work flow to a crawl.

Capital City Reprographics makes short work of large duplication jobs and can turn them around very quickly. Document order is always preserved and document sets are clearly labeled according to source.

To give you the best rate on your high-volume photocopying jobs, we use a graduated pricing scale. Pricing is based on the complexity of your job, not a blanket rate. Please contact us for pricing details.