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Fine Art Reproduction & Large Format Printing

Bill Blanchard - "Run Tween Brooks" by Bill Blanchard

Fine Art Reproduction – The Giclée Process

Your original artwork will be scanned using one of our high-resolution fine art scanners.

Once your work is scanned we will use professional image editing software and our 12-ink giclée printer to produce a proof that is an extremely accurate color match to the original. No further printing is done until your approve the color accuracy of the proof. Color is serious business for artists, so your satisfaction with the accuracy of the color reproduction is very important to us. We go to great lengths to ensure that your prints are as indistinguishable from the original as possible.

Once you approve the proof there are a number of options to available for printing the final piece.

Giclée prints can be printed on many different materials, from bond paper to high quality canvas. Prints can be up to 60" wide and virtually any length. Canvas prints will have a 2" border, allowing them to be stretched. You may choose to stretch them yourself, or we can take care of it for you.

All giclée prints are produced on our 12-ink pigment-based Canon printer. Pigment-based inks are superior in many ways to cheaper and more common dye-based inks. Pigment-based inks are not water-soluable, making giclée prints less succeptible to water damage than their dye-based counterparts. Pigment-based inks are also very resistent to fading, making them the obvious choice for making archival prints. The paper that we use to create giclée prints is acid-free and archival as well, which will help keep your artwork looking beautiful for many, many years to come.

Other Printing Methods

Small format prints (up to 13"x19"), greeting cards, note cards, and other items can be produced more economically on our high-quality Minolta laser printer. Though lacking some of the advantages of a giclée print (such as pigment-based inks), work produced on this printer looks fantastic, is more affordable, and may be a better choice for certain jobs. Note cards and greeting cards, which may be prohibitively expensive to produce on a giclée printer, are very cost-effective when printed on the Minolta. Many of our clients have us print their art on note cards, which they are able to sell at a very comfortable profit margin—while still keeping prices low for their customers.

Small format prints are another excellent cost-effective application of our Minolta printer. Generally under $2.00 each, small format prints are a great way to create beautiful and affordable reproductions of your art for situations when the investment of a giclée print isn't the best choice for you.

There are many more options for reproducing your art, and we can't cover everything here. Please give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to answer any questions you have. Better yet, stop by and bring in your artwork. We love to see how talented our clients are!


Craig Cossey "219" by Craig Cossey
Craig Cossey "Hot Wings Have a Night on the Town (Detail)" by Jeanne Curtis
Fine Art Pricing Guide

Please call us, visit our store or go to our Quote Request page for a custom estimate.